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"Grimace in the Burnt Black Hills", is published in New Stories from the Midwest 2016  (New American Press) along with such writing luminaries as Joyce Carol Oates, Charles Baxter, and Laura van den Berg and is due out soon. The guest editor was author and Pulitzer finalist Lee Martin. "Grimace in the Burnt Black Hills" first appeared in The Sun magazine and received two Pushcart Prize nomination.

"Dancing Turtle" is published in  the Bath Short Story Award Anthology 2016. It was a Finalist (top 20 out of 1,439 entries from 45 countries) in the Bath International Short Story Award Competition.

"Grace in the Embers" won December Magazine's Curt Johnson Prose Award in Fiction.  Read Judge Anthony Marra's description: "To my mind, good fiction is built as an accretion of the specific and particular, and "Grace in the Embers" is an exemplar of close observation. Last, and most important, I fell in love with Jeri's voice. She is tough, wise, and kind, her heartaches and triumphs so honestly rendered that for the length of this piece I believed she was real, out there somewhere, whispering her story to me."

"Black Bear Bleeding", is published in Southern Indiana Review (Volume 25, Number 1, Spring 2018